Welcome to Women On Earth! This website is dedicated to Women-led NFT projects that are actively working to level the gender gap and supporting women in web3.

What is an NFT and what can it do?

An NFT (Non-fungible token) is an asset that is unique, one-of-a-kind, and irreplaceable. Using Blockchain technology, the ownership and transactions of NFTs can never be deleted. Therefore, the NFT is a secure asset that has verified authenticity, which can only be owned by 1 person's wallet at any given time.
But how do I own a digital image? You are buying the one-of-a-kind signature assigned to that digital image. Anyone can purchase a bestselling book, but an NFT would be like owning the only copy ever signed by the book’s author.

The benefits of a single NFT are dependent on the creator’s project plan. Some NFTs can unlock a VIP pass to exclusive digital and/or real-life events, while others can function as passports to virtual worlds. Each NFT represents more than just the amazing art that the public sees and as with any investment, an NFT can be traded or sold by the holder for a profit.
The potential of NFTs is much more than that. It has the power to unite communities, to facilitate change and help improve the world for all people. The NFT community is an untapped source of innovators.

NFT projects such as World of Women, Boss Beauties, Women Rise, Flower Girls, Women and Weapons, Crypto Coven, and a few other women-led teams have seen success and opened doors for all women by creating opportunity in a male-dominated web3 space.
Women-lead NFTs has increased in numbers due to this amazing opportunity. With the focus of empowering women today and ending gender bias, we are utilizing NFTs to connect people, work together on solutions, and make real impact for women and our next generation.

NFT Projects Helping Women

With these projects, you are supporting amazing art backed by a plan to empower women through education and career coaching. Follow their Twitter, join their Discord, learn how to fast-track your career and find opportunities in web3.

Crypto Tech Women

Pursuing equal opportunities for women in web3, create ecosystem for female entrepreneurs, provide tools for web3 career.


On a mission to make web3 more diverse and inclusive through career coaching, networking & negotiation, to access paid jobs in web3.


An extraordinary EdTech #NFT that empowers members w/curated & exceptional learning experiences to transition into the Web3.

With these projects, you are supporting amazing art, backed by a plan to empower women and under-represented people. Support them, follow their Twitter, join their Discord communities, see how you can become a leader in change!

Women Making Waves

Mission to fund and scale women’s rights law reform, working to update outdated laws across the USA and Australia that negatively impact women’s rights.

Sisters of Saturn

Focused on celebrating and empowering all women, securing their place in web3, and providing opportunities. 10% of sales donated to Malala Fund, Global Fund for Women, and to the community.

Women’s Creative Collective

Mission to produce a sustainable global brand that empowers the community to experience the process of building a collaborative brand where creative meets retail on the blockchain.


A brand bringing positive social change for the world. 4% of sales to charitable donations and to community, supporting artists in NFTs.

Glam Poodles

We put the spotlight on entrepreneurial women in the creative arts, promoting the creativity & entrepreneurship of underrepresented individuals across many different mediums.

WomenXMeta NFT

We empower and educate. Join us on our journey to onboard womxn of all ages into the web3 space. NO WOMXN IS LEFT BEHIND

Women of Basketball

Mission to alleviate the financial burdens of female student athletes by aiding the costs of tuition, housing, and academic supplies/technology.

Women Intense NFT

Amplifying personal power of women and girls to accelerate inclusive diversity and equity, bridging gender gaps in STEM.


A community that empowers and uplifts women by giving back directly to its members so they can achieve their dreams! “Its time to celebrate women at every level.”

DivaVixenWarrior NFT

We are a mother-daughter artist team, building a community of enthusiastic, driven, and innovative problem solvers working to resolve common problems that impact us all. As part of our initiative to onboard and support verified women-led projects, we have created this website to bring these projects together.
Let’s show the world what an NFT can do. Our DVW NFT will build a safety app to take on real-world violence, a series of Women's History Children's books and educational curriculum to inspire and empower young girls, an endowment to fund next generation of women and non-binary web3 developers. We are real women with real solutions, building real impact and real sustainability. Join us and be a leader in change!

Securing women's place in Web3 NFTs - Surge

We are not affiliated with Surge, but they have been a tremendous educational resource. To learn more about NFTs, web3, the terminologies, the blockchain, the wallets, the How-tos, and more, join their Discord. They are a group of talented, crypto-native, badass women in Web3. Let's support and learn from them.

Fast-track your career! Go Deeper into Web3 Tech and get Certified with this course:

Other Web3 Learning Resources:

For a more intimate web3 learning, go to Web3 Opportunities ⬆️ to see projects with a helpful community and help with your web3 learning.
To do your own research, here are places to find reading material.

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NFT Projects helping the next generation of leaders

Here are current projects that are actively raising funds through art to help our next generation of leaders. Follow their Twitter or join their Discord communities to see what they are doing to help.

The Bauss Girls NFT

A women-led project on a mission to provide women & young girls the opportunity to define their own future. They have to keep chasing their dreams, nothing short of greatness is expected from them.

House of Queens

House of Queens is a 10,000 unique and powerful women NFTs that aim to bring more diversity and women into NFTs.

Queen Mermaids

An empowering 3000-piece NFT collection designed and led by Women! 10% to Save the Children charity, 5% to support new women NFT artists.

Fame Lady Squad

One of the very first Women focused projects on Ethereum blockchain, with iconic community takeover, prioritizing in elevating Women’s viewpoints and status through education, awareness and opportunity.

Luxe Ladies

Luxe Ladies NFT Collection is a woman-led NFT project that brings awareness to empowering women of all ages and nationalities. Donating 10% of sales to Children’s Hunger Project, 10% to Foundation for Foster Children.

Astro Gal Society

Women-led, focus on education, making STEAM accessible for everyone, workshops, scholarships, in real life experiences.